Can Waterproof Plywood Be Used As a Bathroom Cabinet?

March 20,2021

Maybe you are choosing bathroom cabinets, and you are still wondering, can waterproof plywood be used as bathroom cabinets? Now you may have a plywood bathroom cabinet idea. You can find this article "How to choose the material of bathroom cabinet" on our blog. The bathroom cabinet made of plywood is mentioned here. The production process is the same as the wooden structure.


do you have plywood bathroom cabinet idea


Why waterproof plywood is suitable for bathroom products (such as bathroom cabinets)?


1. The surface and bottom of the waterproof plywood are made of European imported beech logs, natural beech wood has beautiful texture and high-quality performance, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. It can be used not only for wardrobes, cabinets, etc., but also as a raw material for bathroom cabinets. The middle board is made of eucalyptus wood core, which makes the physical structure of the waterproof plywood more stable and longer service life.


2. Waterproof plywood adopts Tyre glue imported from Finland.


The characteristics of Tyre glue

  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Acid and alkali resistance
  • Anti-UV
  • Can be boiled for 72 hours without opening the glue
  • Bonding strength reaches level 3


It is very suitable for the humid environment of the bathroom, and the choice of bathroom cabinet material should consider the board with waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Waterproof plywood is a good choice.


If your family is considering custom-made bathroom cabinets, if you want your bathroom cabinets to be more durable, waterproof plywood bathroom cabinets will be your best choice.


The following are our ideas for plywood bathroom cabinets, which you may agree with.


Best color combination: modern light luxury style

Sea-like color with white countertop

Blue Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinet-Bella Series


Blue Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinet-Bella Series



The most modern minimalist style plywood bathroom cabinet with wood texture

Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinet with Drawers-Bonita-PLUS Series


Floor Standing Bathroom Cabinet with Drawers-Bonita-PLUS Series


If you are planning to pick one for your bathroom, please let us know.

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