Different Types of Bathroom Faucets

June 06,2022

Single hole


When it comes to different types of bathroom faucets, we always think of single holes first. Single hole faucets have handles and are connected to the water pipe in only one place. To use a single hole faucet, the bathroom sink must have a single hole layout.




The Underworld central faucet has two handles, but the water inlet pipes meet at the bottom near the faucet. Each handle does not have its own feed tube connection. All of this is done through the base, and the water is controlled by each individual handle.




These faucets feature a three-piece design and require a large-capacity bathroom sink to install properly. The socket and each handle are separate components that fit into their respective holes as three separate units.


Shelf Faucet


Shelf faucets are commonly found in showers and bathtubs. They are installed similar to bulk faucets in that they consist of three separate parts, but instead of being installed on top of a horizontal sink, they are installed on the side of a bathtub or shower.


Bathtub faucet


These are the most basic tub faucets, single faucets with handles on the top to tell if water is going through the tub faucet or the shower.


Basin faucet


It requires a very special bathroom sink. It uses a basin faucet, but a basin faucet can add a really interesting element to a bathroom's decor. These are two separate faucets with separate handles. One tap is hot water and the other is cold water. They are not two separate handles and the water flows from the same faucet, but they have their own faucet. Changing the water temperature can be difficult with a basin faucet, but it's important to add a unique look to your bathroom.


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