Do You Prefer a Closed Kitchen or a Open Kitchen?

June 15,2021

Two kinds of kitchen designs:

Separate kitchen, that is, closed kitchen: The traditional closed kitchen does have many advantages. But small kitchens have more clutter, since the small space is easier to appear messy, and the cooking fume can easily affect other spaces. Closed kitchen separating the kitchen and living space can effectively solve these problems. Thus this kind of kitchen design is suitable for kitchens with general ventilation.


The advantages of a closed kitchen are as follows. It is easy to clean and manage; the oil fume problem is better solved; the space is clearly partitioned; the water and electricity can be better planned and the impact on other spaces is relatively small. But the shortcomings are also obvious. The day-lighting ability is poor; the space utilization rate is low; the kitchen is too small, which affects the quality of life; and the living room is of relatively low utilization rate.


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Open Kitchen: Many people think that open Kitchen is not suitable for small-sized kitchen decoration. However, in fact, the opening feature of Open Kitchen can effectively extend the sense of space of the small kitchen by coordinating the kitchen with the living room and dining room.


Of course, oily smoke is an important issue when decorating Open Kitchen, and half-open Kitchen with glass doors as partitions is a good choice. The design of open kitchen is more suitable for ventilated and well-ventilated kitchens.


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The advantage of open Kitchen lies in its strong space control ability, which can increase the utilization rate of the space. It can make the overall space more spacious and bright, and better improve the basic needs of the kitchen. This design simplifies the moving line from the kitchen to the dining table, while better uses the effect of every inch of space. With bar, dining table, kitchen island, etc., it can benefit the entire space, but the shortcomings are also obvious. Many owners oppose Open Kitchen because of the problem of oily smoke.


Most people think that Open Kitchen can't stop oily smoke well. When the oily fume spreads for a long time, a layer of oily smoke will accumulate on the furniture, which is difficult to clean. However, according to the lifestyle of modern people, it is generally not possible to cook a few meals at home a day, and cooking methods such as frying are rarely used at home. The pressure of cooking smoke is actually not a big problem for most people.


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The Verdict


Generally speaking, you can choose Separate kitchen for large-sized apartments or those who like cooking; for those with poor lighting, small-sized apartments or large space utilization needs, open Kitchen is more suitable. After all, in terms of ample space and strong utilization rate, Separate kitchen is completely incomparable.