Factors to Consider When Choosing a Showerhead

May 20,2022

Although the shower is a small item, but has a very important role. And now the market sales of a wide range of shower brands, a variety of shapes and functions to meet the needs of different consumers. So, how to choose the right shower?


How to choose a shower?


✔️Plating layer


Due to the toilet environment is more damp, often use the shower head may rust, involved in the beauty. But different materials of the tube body, electro-chromium plating process is particularly large differences. Good tube body with full copper material, the surface layer to be polished, polishing, dust, nickel plating, electro-chromium plating and other processing procedures to ensure that in the adoption will not become black, blistering down, in normal terms, from the shower surface, the naked eye can see the brighter and more delicate, the better the plating layer process;.


✔️Valve core


The spool is like an important organ of the shower head, the rotation of the shower, pressure, flow and other adjustments generally rely on the spool to achieve. Indirectly affect the length of time and the comfort experience of the adoption.


Spool hope to buy ceramic spool, look at the hardness of the ceramic, if the spool is not smooth, wear-resistant, the best but do not buy;


✔️Nozzle shooting water method


Because of the difference in the inner build, the showerhead shooting method is also a certain distinction. The basic hand shower also has the function of surge and massage, and a variety of nozzle shooting methods can bring a deeper experience of showering;


✔️Jet effect


Even if the appearance is similar, different shower spray effect is very different shower shape looks similar, the selection must look at its spray effect, good quality shower each tiny spray hole spray is balanced and consistent, and in different water pressure small can achieve a smooth shower effect.




Shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of use. In the purchase, you can check whether the water pipe and lift rod is flexible, whether the shower connection is equipped with anti-twist ball bearings, whether the lift rod is equipped with a rotary controller, etc.