How To Choose Bathroom Cabinet

February 22,2022

This paper introduces how to choose bathroom cabinet. You need to pay attention to the following aspects when choosing bathroom cabinets




Cabinet Body Material


The core of bathroom ark is cabinet body, and the most common cabinet body material on market are real wood, PVC and MDF.


Real wood bathroom cabinet


As the name implies, real wood bathroom cabinet is that the cabinet body is made by pure solid wood. The advantage of this kind of product is that the appearance appears to have a grade, the texture is relatively good. But moisture content of choice of lumber, lumber and spray paint craft, seal edge craft can be opposite bathroom ark moistureproof, prevent out of shape ability to have direct effect. If the surface paint treatment process is proper, the film is thick enough, the paint is qualified, then the moisture-proof performance is no problem.


It has the disadvantage of being expensive, which also means it will cost more. In addition to the high cost, there is a certain possibility of wood cracking, this kind of thing is very normal.


PVC bathroom cabinet


PVC plate bathroom cabinet with PVC as plastic panel (PVC material facing), through vacuum hot pressure adsorption in density board or moisture-proof board, moisture-proof board is moisture-proof particle solidification, after plastic, do not need to seal the edge, can be plate absorption as an organic whole, have excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance.


The advantage of this kind of product is that the color is rich, the moisture-proof performance is very good, the high temperature resistance is better, the price is cheaper, the color is colorful, and it is very suitable for the decoration of rental houses. It has the disadvantage of being less classy. And time grew meeting hair yellow, it is different color can have slight discoloration. Some of the owner that asks to the life so, the bathroom ark that the proposal does not choose this kind of material pledges.


MDF class bathroom cabinet


This kind of cabinet body is ark of bathroom of man-made plank namely, what man-made plank uses most is multilayer board and grain board. A lot of bathroom ark can use such man-made plank to serve as base material actually now, because this kind of plank is opposite to processing craft requirement not tall, can act the role of face its undertake surface processing with different, the price should be cheaper a lot of again at real wood, cost performance is very high.


But there is a big difference between multi-layer board and particle board, we must make clear when we choose and buy. The stability and toughness of multilayer board are excellent, suitable for the vast majority of bathroom cabinets, and it is also the preferred material for high-end bathroom cabinets. Particle board in fact, we do not recommend you to use, it is made of plate scraps into powder, and then mixed glue pressed, so relative to the multi-layer board, stability and toughness are weaker. If you do modern simple, Nordic, minimalist, Muji Japanese style, you can use this material bathroom cabinet.


Bathroom Cabinet Mesa Material


Rock plate


Because of the durability and hardness of rock plate, many businesses use rock plate to do the bathroom counter surface. If the rock plate is used for the table or cabinet table, even if it is sprinkled with oil, it will be good to wipe it off in time, but the water stain in the washing area is not very good to clean up. It is recommended to choose the high density and good quality rock plate, and try not to choose the dark one.




Pottery and porcelain is the commonest material in bathroom counter face, the surface is smooth good do, dirty want to wipe clean only good. And white also applies to the space of all sorts of styles, and easy an organic whole is formed, so the bathroom ark of integral type is pottery and porcelain more. In terms of price, it is cheaper than marble and so on. The disadvantage is however the dimension of ceramic mesa is very onefold, there is no way to satisfy individual character customization.


Artificial stone


In the field that defend bath, do not have pore microcrystalline stone is special advanced material, this kind of stone material is very durable, do not bibulous almost, density is high, the high-grade brand that defend bath of Europe and America likes to use it to do one type stage basin especially. There are also like quartz stone row on the name, but quartz stone because of high hardness should not be processed, generally used for cabinet panel, or for split bathroom counter surface.


The Choice Of Size


Cabinet body size


Generally speaking, the height of mesa distance to complete the ground is in 800mm~850mm, no matter your home chooses the bathroom cabinet of floor type or suspension type.


The faucet size


Bibcock than mesa high 100mm-150mm is more appropriate. If it's too high, it's easy to splash, and it's not coordinated. If it is a basin, it is recommended to choose a tall tap, buy a tap about 100mm~150mm higher than the basin will be more beautiful.


In The End


Well, the above are some suggestions about how to choose bathroom cabinet. I hope it is helpful for you. By the way, if you’re looking for good quality bathroom cabinet, QUEENSWOOD is your best choice.