How to Change the Shower Head in the Bathroom

June 17,2022

At present, the standard configuration of the bathroom is the toilet, wash table and shower, each of which is essential, and there are many related configurations. For example, the shower will be equipped with a water heater, shower, etc. the wash table has a basin and faucet, and the configuration of different sanitary ware products is different. Therefore, if there is a fault in use, the replacement method is also different, so how to change the shower head in the bathroom?


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How to change the shower head in the bathroom


Generally, the whole shower head will be replaced when replacing the shower head in the bathroom. The common shower heads in the market are connected with stainless steel hoses. You can disassemble the shower head by holding the shower head and stainless steel hoses with both hands and rotating them counterclockwise. Then, you can install the new shower head by rotating it clockwise. The replacement is very simple, and there is no need to use other tools.


How to choose the shower head in the bathroom


✔️Nozzle spool


The shower plug is very important, which is related to the service life. If the plug is broken, the nozzle can no longer be used. The nozzle needs to be replaced. The valve plug can be made of all ceramic, which has good sealing performance and is very durable. Frequent operation will not cause jamming problems, and the water effect is also good.


✔️Outlet mode


Different water outlet methods of the meeting will affect the feeling of bathing. The water outlet methods are mainly divided into general type, strong beam type and five stage massage type. Among them, the five stage massage type shower nozzle can be said to be the most popular. There are strong type, soft type, moderate type, mixed type and other force modes, which can be adjusted at will and suitable for different members of the family.


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