How to Clean and Maintain the Ceramic Basin?

May 06,2022

The washbasin in the bathroom is generally made of ceramic, beautiful and generous, hard and thick, not easy to rust and corrosion, and it is also very convenient to clean. But if you don't clean it for a long time, it's still hard to remove the dirt from the basin, so we should pay attention to cleaning the porcelain basin every day.


ceramic basin


Usual cleaning


The porcelain shall be cleaned with soft wool or sponge stained with neutral detergent, but it is not suitable to wash it with hot water or pour it directly into hot water to avoid cracking the basin. If you want to use a basin to hold water, first put cold water into hot water to avoid scalding.


Regular maintenance


The bottom of the removable water storage tank can remove the accumulated stains and keep the drainage unobstructed.


Regular inspection


If there is a dark crack in the basin at home, fill the basin with water, pour in the color paint, and soak it for one night. If there is a dark crack, you can see it.


When cleaning the basin, try to clean it with a sponge stained with detergent.


Remember not to use vegetable cloth, nor wipe and scrub with a hard brush, acid-base chemical agent, or solvent, because this will form small scratches on the surface of the basin, making the treatment rough and easy to deposit dirt.


Porcelain and glass have low thermal conductivity.


If it heats up rapidly, it will rupture. Therefore, pay attention to the temperature difference during use to avoid excessive external force collision that may lead to fracture.


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