How to Decorate the Bathroom?

February 17,2021

The small bathroom not only makes our daily life inconvenient, but also makes our original good mood worse. So how to decorate the bathroom to make it look bigger? Here are 5 tips to help you easily "steal" the area.


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▲Importance of seperating dry space from moist space

Although the bathroom is not too big, it must be separated from wet and dry. We can consider using shower curtain or a door to achieve the effect of separation of dry space and wet space, so as not to occupy the bathroom space too much.


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▲Concise decoration

The simple design will bring a wide and transparent feeling to the whole space. For example, choose a towel rack instead of some double-bar type. (You don’t usually hang two towels. It is not too practical in daily life.)


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▲Color selection of space

Color can give people the most direct impression. In order to expand the visual effect of the space, we can consider adopting light colors. Of course, if you think the entire space is too monotonous, then you can consider darker-toned floors and light-colored walls.


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▲Lighting is very important

The dark space will inevitably "compress" your vision, making you feel that the entire space is very small, so it is important to ensure the lighting of the space.


We need to cut windows to help the interior lighting, and we can also consider using bright white lights, which can also make the entire space appear more spacious.


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▲Storage skills

If you want to save space for a small-sized bathroom, the necessary storage skills are indispensable. We can consider placing a shelf on the sink and installing some wall mounts on the wall. These storage methods can help our small bathroom to relieve the pressure of space.


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