SOLO Series|Simple But Extraordinary

December 19,2020


Solo series is designed carefully & creativity,

shows high quality and simple style to make an elegant life.

The elegance of white one and the classic of black

shows the simplest but the most eternal way in our life.


INS Simple Style

The modern simple decoration style caters to the young generation's preference. 

The busy life in the city has made us tired of feasting. 

We hope we have a quiet, peaceful and comfortable home to eliminate work fatigue and forget the noisy city.


 In order to pursue simplicity and practical simplicity, Solo series bathroom cabinets can be described as conscience.



Solo series can match any style decoration and give you special style and quality.


Simplicity/fashion/ personality

Its simple shape is very eye-catching.

It uses matted black stainless steel brackets combine with white ceramic basin.

It uses modern and simple black and white fashion elements as a collocation, not restricted by any era or trend, makes the bathroom simple and stylish.

The perfect design details show the modern and practical qualities of the bathroom cabinet.

 It is suitable for modern and simple style family bathrooms. A comfortable life starts here. 



Exquisite details, Smooth lines, Comfortable life


Inspiration comes from our life. The graceful and smooth shape outlines pure texture, showing a comfortable life which is simple and elegant.



 capacious storage to put something you want.


A storage board is added at the bottom,

the completely open storage design breaks through the traditional and unrestricted design.

You can use common items at any time, such as mouthwash cups, hand sanitizer, towels, etc.

The storage of the entire bathroom is more free and diversified to restore the cleanliness of the bathroom.



High quality matted black stainless steel bracket

Match floor standing matted black stainless steel bracket



The stainless steel surface is finely drawn, not easily deformed,

has non-slip and corrosion resistance, zero formaldehyde, environmental protection and durable.

The fixed beam has strong bearing capacity and stability.

Never saving cost on quality, for making thoughtful design.



high-definition led mirror

LED smart high-definition mirror

HD imaging, clear,no deformation, anti fog, high reflectivity, not easy to rust point, 

one-click sensitive touching lighting



There is a hook on the back, which will not fall off easily

Black mirror frame, young fashion

The back also emits white light, high-definition fill light

Sensitive touch switch, safe and convenient


The oval-shaped hanging mirror,

the designer has done many researches to balance between safety and beauty,

and fully integrates the visual aesthetic design,

 so that the arc luminous band is combined with the mirror,

showing a delicate and delicate beauty,

which is a brightening point for space decoration.


The black frame and the stainless steel black frame complement each other, 

making it younger and more fashionable.

Smart touching, safer and more reliable.

High-definition mirror, clear and uniform imaging, anti-fog, high reflectivity and pressure resistance.

Enjoy life and meet the most beautiful yourself.



high temperature glazed one-piece ceramic basin

The ceramic basin is fired at high temperature and is integrally formed.

It is strong and not easy to crack,

and it is smoothly glazed and easy to maintain.

When you Touch gently can feel delicate and smooth.


Can be matched any decoration style, give you special quality of life


Lightweight, space-saving, personality, Simplicity and fashion , this is wise choice for young people.