Six Types Of Kitchen Cabinet

April 06,2022

The kitchen cabinet is one of the most important part in our home decoration. Do you know which one to choose for your home? We will introduce six types of kitchen cabinet in this paper, and you can determine which one is suitable for your home.


kitchen cabinet


Types Of Kitchen Cabinet


According to different shapes, the kitchen cabinets mainly include: one-sided, side-by-side, island, L-shaped, U-shaped and G-shaped.


One-Sided Kitchen Cabinet


The so-called one-sided cabinet is to place all electrical appliances along one wall, and the daily specific operations are carried out in a straight line. This compact and effective narrow kitchen design is suitable for one person to work alone in the kitchen.


  • Advantages: simple structure, saving space, and the installation of sink appliances can be arranged according to personal habits.
  • Disadvantages: the exhibition space is relatively limited, which increases unnecessary workload and relatively small storage space.


Side-By-Side Kitchen Cabinet


The space layout and operation line of side-by-side cabinet are idealized. There is no need to go through a long moving line during operation. One turn can easily go to another area.


  • Advantages: easy to operate, suitable for medium size and wide and long area.
  • Disadvantages: not suitable for large house.


L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


L-shaped kitchen is a very practical kitchen design and an ideal choice for small space. The ideal working triangle can be obtained by dividing the working area between the two connected walls.


  • Advantages: suitable for small house, wider space, corner space, more humanized.
  • Disadvantages: this type has high design requirements, and the price will be higher due to the design of its corner.


U-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


U-shaped kitchen is a common shape type, which is very suitable for reasonable regional layout and arrangement, and can obtain ideal operation process and path.


  • Advantages: beautiful, reasonable kitchen moving line, greatly increased operation space and storage area, which can meet the needs of many people to communicate and cook in the kitchen.
  • Disadvantages: the kitchen area is required to be large enough.


G-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet


G-shaped cabinet covers a large area and it is not common. The independent cabinet is separated from others, which can create an ideal home communication environment.


  • Advantages: it can not only be used as a partition between the kitchen and other spaces, but also a small world for resting and drinking tea.
  • Disadvantages: the entrance and exit of the kitchen must be designed large enough to facilitate the overall coordination of the environment.


Island Kitchen Cabinet


Island cabinet refers to a separate operation area with cabinet body under it, which is independent of the cabinet. It is only suitable for open kitchen. Its biggest function is to partition the kitchen from other spaces.


  • Advantages: it is high-end and beautiful, which is convenient for the communication between cooks and other activities. It can have multiple functions such as console, dining table, partition and storage space.
  • Disadvantages: it requires a large space and needs an absolutely large space. The open kitchen is easy to cause oil fume trouble, and the price is expensive.


Different types of kitchen cabinets have different characteristic, you can choose according to the size of your house and your requirements. If you want a reliable kitchen cabinet supplier, Queenswood is a perfect choice for you.