The Benefits of Customized Electric Towel Rack

August 18,2021

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Electric towel rack refers to a towel rack that uses electric heating to dry towels. It is a supporting product of high-grade bathroom. The closed bathroom environment is highly humid. The towel hanging in the bathroom for a long time, is easy to breed bacteria. Regular towel drying and disinfection has become a necessity. That is why the intelligent and convenient electric towel rack came into being and soon gain popularity.



Electric Towel Rack manufacturer

As a professional electric towel rack manufacturer, Queenswood design a modern style Electric Towel Rack to improve the quality of your life. If you are hesitating about whether to install

Customized Electric Towel Rack or not, now follow us to see the benefits of electric towel rack and we are sure that it won't let you down.



Benefits of Customized Electric Towel Rack

1. Bacteriostasis and sterilization

As mentioned earlier, the bathroom environment is closed and humid, and the towel is hung in the bathroom for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria. According to the safety and health towel standard, the total number of bacteria in the towel shall not exceed 200 / cm ²。 The number of bacteria in towels reached 1600 / cm after one month of use ², The number of bacteria in towels used for 3 months is as high as 10000 / cm ²。
The electric towel rack can achieve bacteriostasis by drying the towel. When the electric towel rack works, it will also use high temperature sterilization to remove the peculiar smell of the towel. Some electric towel racks have the function of ultraviolet sterilization, and the effect of sterilization and antivirus is better.

2. Drying function

Drying is the most basic and core function of electric towel rack. The electric towel rack can not only dry the wet towel on the rack. In addition to towels, small clothes, intimate clothes, baby's clothes, saliva towels, etc. can be dried on the panel. Different electric towel racks have different drying speed and effect.


3. Decorative effect

We provide electric towel rack OEM. The electric towel rack can be customized into a variety of shapes. Customized electric towel rack can effectively improve the decoration taste of the bathroom and improve the overall decoration effect of the bathroom.

4. Auxiliary heating

Some electric towel racks have heating mode, and the temperature is slightly higher than the drying mode. Although they can not be used as Yuba, they can improve the bathroom temperature to a certain extent.

5. Low power consumption

The electric towel rack can be set to dry regularly, which is convenient and power-saving. We implement the concept of energy conservation in product design. The electric towel rack made by Queenswood also has the function of constant temperature heating. When it reaches a certain temperature, it will stop heating, so the power consumption is not high.


Classification Of Electric Towel Rack In Structure, Material And Heating Mode

At present, the electric towel rack on the market has rich colors and various styles. Structurally, it is divided into tubular towel rack and panel towel rack.

In terms of material, the electric towel rack is mainly divided into stainless steel, aluminum alloy and low-carbon steel, of which the low-carbon steel electric towel rack is the mainstream.


Generally speaking, there are four heating modes for electric towel rack: heating rod plus heat conducting liquid, alloy wire, carbon fiber and graphene. The electric towel racks using the first two heating methods have high power consumption and low efficiency. They are becoming more and more rare in the market.



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Electric Towel Rack for sale in Queenswood 

No matter which season, you need an electric towel rack to dry towels or bath towels. Electric towels are essential household goods in four seasons. Towels that keep dry at any time will bring a comfortable experience. If you have enough budget for bathroom decoration and want to improve the quality of life, buy it. The Queenswood Towel Warmer is known for protecting users from unpleasant odors and dangerous bacteria. We are Electric Towel Rack supplier and our Electric Towel Rack factory is located in China. Electric Towel Rack OEM and Competitive factory price are offered in Queenswood.


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