Types and maintenance of shower faucets

September 16,2021

The shower faucet is a device that we use to turn on and off the shower head during the shower. It can not only control the amount of water, but also control the hot and cold temperature of the water. What types of such shower faucets are there? And how to care for them?

What are the types of shower faucets

1. Divided by handle

The common shower faucets on the market mainly have double handles and single handles. The double handle shower faucets are connected to the cold water and hot water respectively. The water output is controlled by rotation, and the water temperature can be adjusted together. Its price It's cheaper. The single-handle forest bath shower faucet uses left and right rotation to control the water output and hot and cold water, which is more expensive.

2. According to the installation method

Different installation methods include wall-mounted and wall-mounted shower faucets. Among them, the wall-mounted type is installed on the wall, which means that its faucet body, water divider, and connecting pipe pillars can all be seen on the wall. In-wall shower faucets generally show that only the handle is visible on the wall, and other functional components such as pipes are invisible on the surface.


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How to choose a good shower faucet

1. Choose by performance

A shower faucet with good performance is very important to a family, especially its water-saving performance is very important. A water-saving faucet will not leak water even if it is opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times. Water prices are very beneficial. We can choose high-tech faucets with ceramic chips, self-closing, and variable-pitch types. The water-saving effect is very good.


2. Family situation

For bathrooms with elderly and children at home, it is best to choose a double-handle shower faucet, because it is very clear for cold water and hot water, and it is very convenient to use, so there is no need to worry about being burned.


3. The faucet spool

The functions and effects of shower faucets with different spool water are also different. There are mainly ceramic discs, stainless steel ball valves and roller spools on the market. Among them, ceramic discs are low in price, less polluting and easy to break. , The roller-rolling valve core rotates smoothly, is easy to operate, and is resistant to aging and wear. The stainless steel ball valve has high technology content, accurate water temperature control, energy saving and water saving

4. Different apartment types

Houses of different sizes are suitable for different shower faucets. For large houses, you can choose a double-handle faucet, which is more atmospheric. Single-handle faucet can be selected for small apartment, which is more compact and exquisite.


5. Choose by color

There are many colors of shower faucets, such as red, yellow, black, blue, white, gold and so on. If the bathroom is mainly cool, it is better to match with silver faucet. If the bathroom is mainly warm color, it is suitable for matching with golden faucet. The colors are various The bathroom space can choose milky white faucet, etc.


How to maintain the shower nozzle

1. It is highly recommended to inspect or replace the supply of water hose pipe every 1-2 years. Although replacing the water tube is actually not a challenging task, it is well to leave it to the home or even professional. Furthermore, when changing the tube at the starting point or eventually, pay attention to whether the employee has put up a slant shutoff on the wall surface.

2. To guarantee the practical lifestyle of the downpour scalp, it is most ideal to maintain it out of the shower room heating unit when it is mounted, as well as the distance from the bathroom heating unit is actually more than 60cm, and also commonly make use of a delicate towel with a little bit of flour to clean the surface of the downpour to keep it still fresh.

3. To maintain the downpour surface well-maintained, a soft cloth is actually frequently made use of to wipe the area along with flour, and then rinse out along with water to always keep the area smooth; make use of a tooth brush moistened along with tooth paste to scrub the surface of the downpour, much like combing your teeth. 3 Rinse along with well-maintained water for a minute, and dry.


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