Useful Tips Of Shower Faucet

March 30,2021

For faucet and shower, they are vital for your bathroom. Indeed, the owners, as always, pay more attention on it. Nice shower faucet can relax your body after whole-day work. Now, let’s focus on the shower faucet.


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Purchase tips


Judging good and bad by seeing and touching

When choosing a faucet, first switch and touch the handle several times to see if the feel is delicate and tight. Too loose or too tight is not good. The smoothness of the surface is also one of the highlights. The better the surface is treated, the smoother and brighter it is, indicating the better the craftsmanship, and indirectly reflecting its quality. In addition to looking at these, you also have to look at whether there are trachoma or cracks in the joints of the faucet.


Trachoma is the small holes and cracks that appear on the surface and inside of the copper material during the casting process. If there is a trachoma, water will seep after passing water, and it will break when it is severe. In fact, the valve core of the faucet is the most important part, but it is invisible to the naked eye. The data shows that the qualified valve core can be opened and closed 500,000 times. The defective product cannot reach this strength and is easy to leak. Please ask the merchant to issue a relevant certificate and ask the actual situation.


Consider the actual situation of the family

The two-handle shower faucet, such as hot water in the left hand and cold water in the right hand, is clearly marked and convenient to use.bulk glitter It is more suitable for the elderly or children. The shape of the single handle is relatively good-looking, and the shape is simple, rotating left and right to adjust the hot and cold water, it is easy to operate, but it needs to be used carefully to avoid burning.


The matching guide of shower faucet


1. Color matching

Shower faucets are mostly made of stainless steel, with a strong sense of modernity and high fashion. Choose shower rooms with the same stainless steel frame, bathroom racks and other bathroom products with the same color to match. Wall tiles can also be visualized such as black. Colors with strong effects can enhance the modernity and fashion of the bathroom.


2. House type matching

The shower faucet is suitable for all types of house decoration. The simple shower room with shower head occupies a corner of the bathroom, simple and stylish. If the apartment is large, you can choose a faucet with two handles to bring down the water, which looks atmospheric. For the small apartment, you can choose a single-handle faucet, which is small and exquisite and suitable for IKEA.


Shower faucet maintenance and cleaning


Cleaning the shower faucet


1. The ideal cleaning technique is to rinse the faucet with clean water, and then use a soft cotton cloth to wipe all the water on the metal surface of the faucet, because the water will form scale on the metal surface after the water volatilizes. Wipe gently, do not rub vigorously. Dry the faucet with a moistened sponge and soft leather to make the faucet radiant.


2. If a lot of cleaning work is required, it is best to use mild liquid glass cleaner, or acid-free, non-abrasive soft liquid and completely dissolved powder. Non-friction solution polish can remove the rough mask and the faucet. For accumulations, do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper cloth, and any acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or rough cleaners. After cleaning, please use clean water to remove all the lotion and dry it with a soft cotton cloth.


Maintenance of shower faucet


1. The single-handle faucet should be opened and closed slowly during use, and the double-handle faucet should not be closed too tightly. Otherwise, the stopcock will fall off, causing the water to be closed and unable to stop.


2. The wall-mounted shower faucet is generally more prominent, so be careful not to bump or press it when handling items. In particular, the surface plating of imported faucets of some brands is quite thick and cannot withstand hard objects or abrasion. Therefore, when using them, try to avoid contact with hard objects such as rings to avoid fatal injuries.


3. When the water pressure is not lower than 0.02mpa, if the water output is found to decrease, it may be blocked in the faucet. The solution is to use a wrench to gently unscrew the faucet screen cover at the water outlet of the faucet, clean the impurities, and then install it carefully. Generally, it will be restored to the original state.


Choosing a right bathroom faucet and shower is also important.


Bathroom Faucet And Shower - LOCA Series

Bathroom Faucet And Shower - LOCA Series



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