What Materials Are the Bathroom Washbasins Made of

March 09,2022

Bathroom washbasin cabinets have various shapes and specifications, which can meet the needs of most spaces. However, due to different environments, such as wet or dry, it is particularly important to choose the right material. A good washbasin should have sturdy and durable performance, preferably antibacterial and moisture-proof. So, what materials are the washbasins made of? How to choose? Let's explore it.


Different materials for washbasins


bathroom washbasin cabinet


👉Oak washbasin cabinet


Among the materials of the washbasin cabinet in the bathroom, oak is the most expensive and also the hardest. Unlike other woods, oak has a clear grain and good stability. The oak washbasin cabinet has a long service life, stable performance and stylish appearance. It is a high-grade bathroom furniture.


The texture structure of oak itself is relatively rough, which is resistant to wear and tear, and is widely used in various furniture, such as floors, wardrobes, etc.


👉PVC washbasin cabinet


PVC material is not only used to make bathroom washbasin cabinets, but also can often be seen in other parts of home decoration, especially now that the decoration is more and more environmentally friendly, and PVC materials can just meet people's requirements for environmental protection, so it is an accidental and inevitable process from being recognized by people at the beginning to being widely used now.


The waterproofness of PVC washbasin cabinets is very good. It happens that the bathroom is also a relatively humid environment in the home, so the washbasin cabinet needs to be waterproof. In terms of cleaning, PVC materials are easy to take care of and can be used for a long time. Time does not need to be replaced.


👉Stainless steel washbasin cabinet


The biggest feature of the stainless steel washbasin cabinet is that it will never change color. No matter what other materials the washbasin counter surface is, it will become old after a long time of use, but the stainless steel washbasin cabinet will not be like this. Just rub it in and it will restore its original luster immediately.


In conclusion


The above three are the main materials of the bathroom washbasin. They are suitable for many spaces and can also cope with different working environments. Therefore, when it comes to renovation, these three may be your best choices. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you.