Why Tons of People Love Electric Towel Racks

January 05,2022

Many people like to install an electric towel rack in the bathroom. The following 3 reasons explain why tons of people love them.



When the electric towel rack is working, it will use the air in the bathroom for heating. Therefore, it can reduce the growth of mold, effectively kill nearly 99% of bacteria, and also make your bathroom warmer.


The electric towel rail adopts pasteurization, and the low temperature of 60 ℃ can kill all heat-labile pathogens.


black electric towel rack from a wooden freestanding cabinet manufacturer


Deodorization and drying

The electric towel rail contains ozone. The ozone that is not decomposed in the air will automatically be converted into oxygen, which can keep the air in the bathroom fresh.


Drying is the most basic function of the heated towel rail. Some houses have no windows or when rainy days come, towels are more likely to breed bacteria. The use of heated towel rails can prevent bacterial growth.


Especially sometimes after taking a shower, wet bath towels can be dried on it.


Energy-saving and heating

In addition to taking a bath, people also like to turn on the bath heater when going to the toilet in cold winter, which is a waste of electricity. Using the heated towel rail can save you expensive electricity bills. Although its auxiliary function is heating, it can't completely replace the bathroom heater. 


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