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Queenswood has been committed to building a high-quality and efficient terminal network. It has determined the marketing policy of "strengthening the brand, seizing channels, and winning the terminal".

 1. Terminal construction support:

      New franchisees a strong store/showroom decoration design supporting.

      Showroom construction guidance supporting.

      High-standard store decoration subsidy supporting.

2. Promotion supportings 

      Powerful advertising campaigns, all-round product and shop packaging, combined with the actual market situation of the agents, adopt a variety of publicity methods to ensure that the terminal publicity is in place.

3. Free training support/professional marketing files

      A mature products training system

      Offer high resolutions products photos, videos and useful marketing tools

      Assistance in opening franchise stores

4. To be Queenswood dealer, meet the sales of annual as agreed, get annual refund accordingly.  


Queenswood As factory has a certain market in the domestic and international network, externally oriented, domestic-based, set of technology, production, industry and trade integrated enterprise, has many distributors cross mainland at home and abroad. Nobleness, fairness and sincerity design concepts make Queenswood get good reputation in sanitary ware industry. 

We warmly welcome the parters who have the experience in building material, project solutions, home furnishings, sanitary ware industries, with a good team management ability, appreciate Queenswood's products, and same concept with Queenswood family

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